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American Vintage travels round the world to meet its brand-ambassadors and discover their inspirations, style and passions. Today we are catching up with a stylish Berliner, an all-round creative spirit, an avid surfer, a multi-talented artist and a hyperactive journalist.


Influencer Lisa Banholzer, who heads up the fashion media outlet and creative agency Blogger Bazaar, is known for looks that bring colour to social media. She tells us about her latest obsessions.

What does style mean to you?

It’s about knowing who you are and expressing that confidently, without worrying about what others think or the latest trends.

What latest fashions have caught your eye?

At the moment, I’m all about monochrome looks, not just to elongate my figure but because the tone-on-tone style always looks elegant. During fall, I’m especially into quality fabrics like wool and silk to feel comfortable at all times.

How do you express your personality through your clothes?

Clothes give me freedom and let me express my state of mind at a given moment, while adapting to certain situations. Some days, I want to feel comfortable and spend the day in cosy clothes. I throw on a red suit when I want to feel confident, and a curve-hugging dress when I’m feeling wild. My looks are a way of sending messages.

What’s your American Vintage look this season?

It’s colourful! A bold yellow to get me through the winter with the Mitibird dress, which I pair with a matching oversized coat to add a splash of colour to the grey Berlin days.


Paul Binam regularly crosses the English Channel to work in both London and Paris. His passion for fashion and design and understated style make him a more than capable artistic director and set designer.

What does style mean for you?

Style is above all a person who knows how to show yourself to your best light. Someone with style knows what flattering on them and what isn’t.

What’s your style?

I see it as simple and streamlined. I wouldn’t use the word minimalist because that implies a whole other concept and way of life that I don’t yet lead.

How do you choose your looks?

It all depends on my activities, which can be really varied! For example, I wouldn’t wear casual clothes to work out. I like to keep things understated in meetings but dress more casually if I go out for a walk. It mainly depends on my mood.

What outfit could you wear every day?

A neutral-coloured suit with a T-shirt and sneakers. It works well for a casual look, an art gallery opening or for drinks with friends.

What’s your American Vintage look this season?

I would have to say the Oxipark coat because fall and winter are almost here and it’s ideal for the cold season. It’s also really versatile and adapts to any style.


Sirikit Harivongs is always on the move. This seasoned surfer tells us about her passions, from the waves of the Basque region to her Frozen Palm organic coffee shop where she serves healthy salads, piping hot coffee and energy-filled juices.

What tips would you give on how to find your style?

Above all, it’s all about feeling comfortable and not like you’re dressing up or hiding anything. Even if your inspiration comes from someone else, you shouldn’t forget yourself - always remain true to who you are. Personally, I try not to take myself too seriously. I keep it fairly casual, like life in Biarritz, with a feminine look and a touch of fun.

What do you wear every day for work and going out?

At the Frozen Palm, I like to be comfortable, but keep my style. Whether cooking or behind the bar, I keep things comfy with a jeans and T-shirt combo, paired with an apron! Outside of work, I try to go for prettier pieces. I love dresses and jumpsuits for a more “dressy” look.

What’s your favourite time of day and what look goes best with it?

After a great surfing session at sunset, which is a time I often share with my boyfriend or friends. It’s the best way to end the day, bare feet in the sand, with high-rise jeans and a vintage blouse.

What’s your American Vintage look this season?

Without a doubt, the Zabidoo cardigan. I just love this modern take on the bomber jacket and the incredibly soft material. You can wear it normally or with the buttons on the back for a different look!


Carla Cascales Alimbau’s limitless creativity includes painting, sculpture, and design. From marble to wool, wood and Plexiglas, she poetically and delicately transforms any material at her studio in Barcelona.

In one word, what does style mean to you?

Authenticity! I see style as a way of remaining true to yourself.

How would you describe your style?

Feminine, neutral, simple and timeless.

When are you most in tune with yourself?

When I listen to my body and connect with what I really feel. When I go to places I really want to go, when I work on projects that I really believe in, and when I spend time with the people I love. I express this in quite feminine outfits, sleek looks that don’t attract too much attention, with neutral colours and few prints.

What do you wear every day when in the studio or outside?

In the studio, I wear super-comfortable denim overalls that get the creative juices flowing. As soon as I throw them on, I feel ready to paint! To go out, I wear more fitting clothes that are still just as comfortable, with a touch of femininity.

What’s your American Vintage look this season?

I love the unisex Pacybay jacket! The timeless straight cut is perfect for winter. I can’t wait to wear it!


Accomplished journalist, Laurianne Melierre juggles between television work, the written press, podcasts and entrepreneurship with her writing agency PLUME. She lives in Paris and specialises in fashion cultures and society, and tells us all about her crazy lifestyle.

You are a woman of words. What does the word “style” mean to you?

Before even mentioning fashion, style is a way of life, a way of seeing the world. Clothes are part of a whole package that includes your posture, vision and the way you speak. Nothing works independently from the rest. Being “stylish” is about expressing your “natural” habitat; using clothes to achieve a sort of consistency or “visible” first language that you literally wear on your sleeve.

How do you dress every day?

I have back-to-back meetings that I get to by bike, so I generally choose comfortable, but structured pieces, like a tailored jacket, a pair of leggings, high boots, or a men’s suit…

Any tips on how to manage stress?

Look after what’s on the inside so that it becomes your sanctuary. Your social life, how people see you and stress is all outside of that. Your cocoon, comfort and the place where you have all the time in the world is found within.

What’s your American Vintage look this season?

Work overalls, an oversized unisex jacket and the Piuroad sweater. It’s like a warm fluorescent blanket that I’ll wear as a scarf when Paris gets cold!

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