Céline Thibault
& Géraud Pellotiero

Designers Céline Thibault and Géraud Pellottiero are creating American Vintage window displays inspired by the South of France. Having won the Grand Prix judges’ award and the Prix du Public audience favourite award at the 2019 Toulon Design Parade sponsored by American Vintage, the designers will be setting up spring window displays in Berlin (Mitte), Antwerp, London (Marylebone) and Paris (Temple and Saint-Sulpice). An ode to nature.
Stimulating all 5 senses

The first thing you see are large couasses, Provençal serving platters cut from cork oak bark. Our eyes are drawn to thick majestic cuts of nature that fill the space. Brass tubes and mirrors create a nod to the urban environment, as nature takes over in a selection of American Vintage window displays. French designers, Céline Thibault and Géraud Pellottiero, have brought their world to the street. in a sensory experience that celebrates the South of France, literature and nature. This all matches the colours of American Vintage’s summer clothing line, mixing purple and green, earth and clay.

“Our work is fundamentally immersive. For American Vintage, we have come up with what we’re calling shop window gems, spaces that envelop the senses and conjure up Mediterranean landscapes. Our cork oak couasses rub shoulders with golden colours that act like rays of sunshine, as draped silkscreen-printed linen feature pine needle markings.” 

Céline Thibault & Géraud Pellottiero
The importance of craftsmanship

For their first window display, the designers are focusing on patient work and craftsmanship. “Cork is only harvested every 9 years and we sourced it from craftsmen whose know-how we want to promote,” underline the designers. This kind of approach is important to these designers, who came on the scene in 2019 with their “ZOUMAÏ!” project, a bathroom made of Toulon soap, the ancestor of Marseille soap. There is a strong connection with the South of France, down to a series of quotes from Marcel Pagnol dotted here and there for those who take the time to dream.
About Céline Thibault and Géraud Pellottiero

Céline Thibault is a graduate of ENSCI - Les Ateliers, and lives in Paris. She loves switching between work as a textile designer and silkscreen printer specialised in finishing surfaces. Géraud Pellottiero is a graduate of Ecole Boulle, and works with master craftsmen as an interior designer. Together they won the 2019 Design Parade Grand Prix judges’ award and the Prix du Public audience favourite award. As part of their prize from the American Vintage-sponsored event, the pair will be designing window displays for a selection of their stores.